I don’t like pencils.

I don’t understand why people still use pencils. Pens are better in almost every way.

Even the best pencils scratch noisily against the paper, but decent pens glide quietly and effortlessly across the page.

The point of a hard, sharp pencil can easily pierce the skin and break off. If it does, it can remain there permanently.

Pencils require sharpening constantly. Most pens can write for days or weeks without needing their ink replaced.

Writing ink comes in all the colors of the rainbow. Writing pencils always write gray or black.

The only advantage pens have over pencils is that they are erasable, and I’ve found that erasable pens erase better than pencils.

(I know exactly how lame the text colors are, but I don’t care.)

Why does it even matter?

I don’t respect coffee.

Mostly I’ll just drink regular drip coffee. But it gets worse: If I want to, I’ll buy the cheapest coffee there is and drown it in cream and sugar. Or drink the kind of dark roast that tastes mostly like ashes. Or even brew a perfectly good cup of coffee and add flavoring.

Does that shock you? Does it offend you? Well, if it doesn’t, good for you. You are a person who does not care too much about how strangers drink their coffee. If you are shocked or offended, you shouldn’t be. This isn’t about you. If this is an insult to anything, it’s an insult to coffee itself. And coffee itself is a beverage. Beverages are not people. I don’t respect beverages. I’d have a hard time drinking them if I did.

I don’t drink wine, but if I did, I would ignore the people who gasp in horror when someone reaches for a cheap bottle. I wouldn’t enjoy expensive beverages anyway. It’s too much of a commitment. It’s a waste of your entire life savings to drink the wine you bought instead of a house without enjoying it, so how can you drink it without constantly worrying that you won’t like it as much as you’re supposed to?

The same goes for other things too. I’m not ashamed of enjoying books that are condemned as “escapist fiction”, or wearing cheap clothes, or listening to music that I like and you don’t. (I’m also going to go on drinking tea that would be far more shocking to those who care too much than any of the coffee that I described here.)

Shouting into the wind

There are people who make me want to argue with them, but for various reasons, I cannot. Sometimes because I don’t want to hurt the person’s feelings, sometimes because I know the discussion will turn into a fight, sometimes because I don’t even know who they are, but mostly because arguing with them is like talking to a wall. I might as well just post all the facts and opinions that I want to shout into their faces on this blog. So here goes:

  • Four stars is not a bad review!
  • Disagreeing with you politically does not make him a devil-worshiper!
  • If you make cookies and the serving size is half a cookie, make them smaller.
  • A white sapphire is not a fake diamond!
  • If your opponent is so weak, why are you bragging that you can beat him?
  • A theory is not a hypothesis!
  • If experience is absolutely necessary for a basic job, it is also impossible to achieve.
  • Wearing a blue shirt does not make someone a bad person!
  • Being afraid of the dark makes perfect sense! Darkness makes us unable to see, and we bump into things!
  • If I wasn’t a coward, I’d be dead!
  • Public school is not the worst thing in the world!

I don’t see the point of shouting like this, but I’m doing it anyway. I don’t need a reason. I don’t need to justify this to you.

My first blog post.

This post exists only to be the first post on my new blog. I might delete it later because it really doesn’t add anything to the site, empty as it is. Maybe I should have started off with a post that has some meaning, not just a placeholder. But I’ve already typed a couple of sentences, so I’ll continue for now.

I plan to fill this blog with all kinds of nonsense, and maybe even throw in a little bit of meaningful content if I can manage that. So far, this blog has no posts other than this one.